2000 sq. ft. – 2500 sq. ft.

2001 Total Sq. Ft. • The Bavier  Home Plan

2006 Total Sq. Ft. • The Creek House Coastal Home

2030 Total Sq. Ft. • The Live Oak Coastal Home

2063 Sq. Ft. • The Sea Sider II Coastal Home

2071 Total Sq. Ft.  The Tulls Creek  Home Plan

2072 Total Sq. Ft.  The Sea Shack Coastal Home

2183 Sq. Ft. • The Key Wester Coastal Home

2190 Sq. Ft. • The Chesapeakes Retreat Coastal Home

2284 Sq. Ft. • The Driftwood Drifter Coastal Home

2310 Sq. Ft. • The Sea Whisper Opt. 2 Home Plan

2434 Sq. Ft. • The CLC 2434 Home Plan

2446 Sq. Ft. • The Chesapeakes Retreat Modified Coastal Home

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