American Homes Collection

American Homes Collection Brochure

1321 Sq. Ft. • The Jarvis Home Plan 

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 1484 Sq. Ft. • The Bayberry Home Plan

1507 Sq. Ft. • The Chesnutt  Home Plan 

1844 Sq. Ft. • The Southern Magnolia  Home Plan 

1878 Sq. Ft. • The Cast Away  Home Plan

2001 Sq. Ft.  The Bavier  Home Plan

2071 Sq. Ft.  The Tulls Creek  Home Plan

2310 Sq. Ft.  The Sea Wisper Opt. 2  Home Plan

2434 Sq. Ft.  The CLC 2434  Home Plan

2597 Sq. Ft.  The Cline  Home Plan

2662 Sq. Ft.  The CLC 2662  Home Plan

2667 Sq. Ft.  The Coleman II  Home Plan

2743 Sq. Ft.  The Coastal Grove  Home Plan

2913 Sq. Ft.  The Landing  Home Plan

3280 Sq. Ft.  The Kilmarlic  Home Plan

3415 Sq. Ft.  The Powell  Home Plan

3406 Sq. Ft.  The Mattamuskeet  Home Plan

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