Custom Homes

Custom Home Design

The Custom Design Process

For many, the selection of “stock” plans or plan book plans is a most acceptable means of accomplishing the task of building a home. But for the discretionary individual or couple seeking to build a home that is more reflective of a personal statement as well as meeting particular needs and a certain level of luxury. There is the custom home process, where the design of that home must be indicative to your dream and visions rendering you a home which can truly be called your own.  Allow us to walk you through the custom design process.

The Process Begins

Beginning Upon first contact, a cost-free meeting is arranged at the offices of Florez Design Studios; a chance for the prospective clients to preview earlier works, formulate ideas, establish a budget, and explore the costs involved in custom design. For Mike Florez and team, it’s an opportunity to begin the personal contact that is so important in creating a home that meets the clients needs while reflecting their  personal taste for living. Questions & Answers Form the foundation During the first meeting, above and beyond outlining fee structures and costs, a number of questions are addressed by the Florez firm with regards to square footage desired, number of bedrooms, baths, and specific needs of the prospective client. Further information such as the type of home-site and neighborhood will be discussed, architectural and restrictive covenants, the home’s orientation to the movement of the sun, potential views, as well as existing vegetation and tree coverage, any waterfront accesses or easements; in short all the important aspects in the strategic placement and design of the home is taken into consideration. The initial meeting comes to a close and prospective clients depart to discuss their options, consider the great possibilities, and await the conceptual presentation.

The Conceptual Design Stage

Let the magic begin. The first marks put down on paper, are truly aesthetic. Referred to as designer “thumbnails” rough sketches of individual rooms, room groups, floor plan studies, rooflines and elevations that are shared with the new client. Usually executed within two weeks of contract acceptance.  During this phase, all floor plan layouts as well as exterior levels and elevations are determined. Conclusively, it is perhaps the most critical stage in the process as the Florez firm strives to assure their customers the greatest level of satisfaction with their new plans for living, within a projected budget. The conceptual stage is usually a three to five week period.

Web Assisted Presentation Begins

Upon approval of the conceptual design, the plans are digitally converted, and blocked out on our state of the Art CAD Software. Specific details begin to take shape, exacting locations of all major space components are determined, and the flow that is throughout their layout is created. A High Definition 3-D Model  is generated  for the clients review.  Florez Design Studios is a market current technological presentation company. Our way of communicating includes a website URL leading to our clients very own personalized idea-book. This site Webpage is unique in that you can have access to your pictured views of the various front, Rear and side elevations as well floor Plans on your mobile devices IE; Tablet, Ipad, or even your Smart Phone.

The Final Phase Beyond the Design Process and into the Pre-Construction.

In this final phase of creation, exact construction plans providing explicit dimensions throughout, contractor notes, and specific details of all of the custom features are delivered.  The thorough explanation and direction is a required element needed for contractor pricing. While minor changes may be implemented at the customer’s discretion, primarily this phase in the process is a technical rendering of the work in stages one and two. During this time PDF copies are emailed, to the new home owners, the builder of choice and possibly an interior designer to assure unequivocal satisfaction of the Florez custom design. The customer can use builder and Interior Designer feedback to accommodate various changes to the product details and more effectively critique their projects budget.  As per the customer’s final approval, a set of working drawings are output.

At this point, the builder takes over and should your needs require our on-site services, the  Florez  team will be available on an hourly consulting basis, at any point in the process , to satisfy your every need. We take a personal interest in every custom home we design, and generally do unofficial walkthroughs periodically during the construction process (locally, of course), we are available for any requested inspections for  the client.

Plans to Build a Dream

The process of creatively designing homes for construction by Florez Design Studios is indeed a true source of personal pride. The many hundreds of homes that we have designed can be seen in every state along the Entire Eastern Seaboard as well as many  inland coastal regions  and as far south as Belize. Testimony that we take a personal element of Pride into every project can be seen in every one of our designs. The many years of experience and creativity allows for us to produce something untouchable to even our own past imagination. Let’s work out  the next Adventure!